We are incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world and Limpsfield Village is one of the most architecturally and historically significant places in Surrey, recognised through its designation as a Conservation Area in 1972.

This status is largely due to its partially Medieval centre, with 35 listed buildings in the Village itself, comprising C12 buildings, such as St Peter’s Church and Old Court Cottage, as well as those from C15-C17 like Detillens House, The Bull Inn and The Manor House.

It’s not just the buildings that hold significance though; even our paving, street furniture, trees, roads, boundary walls and open spaces are all vital to the unique character of the area.

The Appraisal will look at the history of Limpsfield Village and identify key events that influenced its development and architecture and what particular factors contribute to the character and appearance of the Conservation Area.

The Conservation Area Management Plan uses the Appraisal to set out a guide for both current and future residents and local authorities on how best to preserve or enhance the Limpsfield Village Conservation Area.

To read the initial correspondence and leaflet outlining the CAAMP project, click HERE.