Full Council Agenda & Minutes

Following are the most recent agenda and minutes. For planning please click here.

Full Council Meeting 11th July 2022

Full Council Meeting 13th June 2022

Full Council Meeting May 9th 2022

NB there was no April monthly meeting due to Annual Parish Meeting

Annual Parish Meeting 7th April 2022

Full Council Meeting March 14th 2022

Full Council Meeting February 14th 2022

Full Council Meeting January 10th 2022

Full Council Meeting December 13th 2021

Full Council Meeting November 8th 2021

Full Council Meeting October 11 2021

Full Council Meeting September 13th 2021

Please note there was no meeting held in August 2021

Full Council Meeting July 12th 2021

Full Council Meeting June 14th 2021

Full Council Meeting May 5th 2021

Due to the deadline for online meetings on 7th May, we are holding our May Parish Council Meeting early on 5th May. Please contact the clerk with any queries – clerk@limpsfield.org

Full Council Meeting April 12th 2021

Full Council – March 8th 2021

Full Council – February 8th 2021

Full Council – January 11 2021

Full Council – December 14 2020

Full Council – November 9 2020

Full Council – October 12 2020

Full Council – September 14 2020

Full Council – July 13 2020

Full Council – June 8 2020

Full Council – May 11 2020

NB no April meeting due to COVID-19.

Full Council – March 09 2020

Main Monthly Meetings – earlier agenda & minutes

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Finance Committee

Neighbourhood Plan Projects Committee

Planning Committee

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