In October 2021, a new project got underway to identify assets across Surrey that are valued by the community and play a key role in reinforcing a sense of local character and distinctiveness.

Over the next year, Surrey County Council will be producing an updated local heritage asset list for the district. 

Limpsfield Parish Council’s Planning Committee also reviewed local buildings and structures to identify those we think should be on the revised list.

Assets on local heritage lists, also known as local listing, are not protected in the same way as listed buildings, but can be afforded protection through the planning system as ‘non-designated heritage assets’.

What can be on the list?

  • building
  • monument
  • site
  • place
  • area
  • landscape

Please see below document that lists all those buildings and structures LPC submitted for inclusion. Surrey County Council’s heritage team will be considering all the new applications (294 in Tandridge) over the next few months, as well as the 292 existing buildings of character currently on the Tandridge list (see below).

Also see the current Heritage List / Buildings of Character, as published in 2013 by Tandridge District Council.

Below is the list of Listed buildings in Limpsfield which already have protection owing to their listing with British Heritage.