Following the adoption of the Limpsfield Neighbourhood Plan in 2019, a sub committee was set up to oversee the implementation of key projects and activity highlighted in the Neighbourhood Plan.

The Neighbourhood Plan Committee comprises: Councillors, Ann Osborn (Chair), John Thompson, Mark Wilson, Sophie Kemp and Tom Briggs, together with co-optees, Ted Beresford-Knox and Robert O’Donovan.

Activities and Projects under the LNP implementation plan fall under 6 key areas:

  1. THE PLANNING AND MANAGEMENT OF NEW DEVELOPMENT – including the creation of the Conservation Area Assessment and Management Plan for the Limpsfield Village Conservation Area and applications for Assets of Community Value to protect our local assets from development.
  2. OPEN SPACE, COUNTRYSIDE AND THE NATURAL ENVIRONMENT – including access to green space, upgrade and maintenance of footpaths network, research into improving cycleways and wildlife strategy.
  3. SUPPORTING LOCAL BUSINESS – including working to promote and facilitate the development of local businesses and sustainable tourism.
  4. COMMUNITY SERVICES, FACILITIES AND ASSETS – including assistance and promotion of local community services and facilities, such as St Peter’s Church Hall, Glebe Meadow and other projects such as supporting the Limpsfield CofE Infants School Trim Trail and work towards providing a playground/play area for Limpsfield Village area.
  5. CONNECTING THE PARISH – including research into better broadband and improvement of local infrastructure and bus services.
  6. ROAD SAFETY, CONGESTION AND PARKING – including speed watch and traffic calming measures, parking enforcement and research into any off-street parking for the village.

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Meetings are held 2-3 times a year.



Earlier minutes can be downloaded here.