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Despite the weather, new footpath gates go in…

Horrid weather or not, our footpath improvement project made great strides today as the fabulous East Surrey Walkers team installed the LPC funded gates at Chartlands Farm, Caxton Lane in Limpsfield Chart.

The ground conditions were a lot worse than the team expected, making installations a tad more challenging than hoped, but the end results will be a huge improvement for walkers. They even managed to cut back some holly along the footpath.

This is all part of our joint efforts with East Surrey Walkers, Surrey County Council and local landowners to improve the footpaths across the Parish, allowing local and visiting walkers to enjoy the area as much as possible.

While the Limpsfield Parish Council is funding new gates and stiles across many of the Parish’s public footpaths, the East Surrey Walkers are doing most of the hard work, overseeing the installation.

We are hugely grateful to the East Surrey Walkers for their enthusiasm in spite of Storm Brendan’s best efforts. We are very much looking forward to walking the paths when the weather improves and hope you will also enjoy them too over the coming months.


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  1. As team lead, for ESW footpaths maintenace volunteers, may I say thank you, for your kind words. Much as we love our work, a little appreciation is always welcome.
    Barbara Bulman

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