Calling all budding graphic designers or graphic artists!

We’re launching a new website soon and thought it would be appropriate to adopt a new logo that represents all that’s great about the Parish of Limpsfield.

It’s your community, so we’d love your input. 

Limpsfield Parish includes Limpsfield Chart, Limpsfield Village, parts of Titsey, parts of Oxted (lower half of Station Road East up to the footpath that crosses Station Road East), Staffhurst Wood, Itchingwood Common and Pains Hill. See the parish boundaries map here.

Take your inspiration from our Neighbourhood Plan artwork (taken from the design of the Limpsfield Village signpost by St Peter’s Church), local history/heritage, architecture and the community groups and initiatives of Limpsfield. 

It is a requirement that any new artwork can be seen to derive from the current logo in use. Limpsfield Parish Council is keen to use a durable and tradition-recognising logo, to reflect the age and history of this ancient, Domesday parish. 

Limpsfield is famous for floral achievements, its memorial stores, pub, grasshoppers, cellists, famous composers, beautiful green spaces and an abundance of green belt land, Norman and Tudor architecture and much more…

Find out more about our wonderful parish and its history on the Limpsfield website ( and see what you can come up with.

Designs should:

  • Have broad demographic appeal
  • Be suitable for professional purpose
  • Include either the word Limpsfield or the initials LPC
  • Be suitable for square format for social media profile/icons as well as for print media.

Give it a go! We’d love to see your ideas…

Terms and conditions:

Entries must be received by 5.30pm on 1st November 2019 via email to with the following header: Subject: Logo Submission.

Entries must be sent in a one-page PDF (to include any b/w and colour variations), and must include your name, address, any company name and electronic contact details.

Shortlisting will take place w/c 3rd November 2019. Final logo will be chosen and approved at the next Parish Council meeting on 11 November 2019.

The winner will be notified on 12th November 2019. Finalists and the overall winner will be publicised via website, local and social media, with the winning entry launched on Limpsfield Parish Council’s social media and new website, which will go live at the end of November.

It will also appear on all Limpsfield Parish Council’s communications and social media in the future and as the profile image for all social media.

Limpsfield Parish Council reserves the right to use all logo submissions for any professional, publicity and marketing purposes and in submitting your proposal, you agree and accept that it is a condition precedent for entry that any IP rights pass to Limpsfield Parish Council in their entirety and absolutely and without recourse or any rights remaining with the submitter or any designer or any other  third party and the submitting party agrees to hold Limpsfield Parish Council harmless from any action that may arise from any third party. In taking this up the submitter also warrants that the work is its own and that no copyright has been infringed in its production our publication.  

Limpsfield Parish Council reserves the right to exclude any designs that are not suitable for purpose entirely at its own discretion and without the need for any justification.