Chairman of the Limpsfield Parish Council, John Thompson met with Pat Moore of the Oxted Patient Action Group and Dr David Hill from Oxted Health Centre yesterday to deliver a much-needed 24 hour ECG machine.

While the OPAG was only formed in 2018, they have been doing amazing work to pull together funding and donations for equipment and services at the Oxted Health Centre.

Limpsfield Parish Council’s donation of the 24-hour ECG machine to the Oxted Health Centre (which is in the Limpsfield Parish), will go towards helping the centre with its campaign to focus on early detection of fibrillation – irregular heartbeat or arrhythmia – and the prevention of blood clots, stroke, heart failure and other heart-related complications.

Pat Moore (OPAG) and Dr David Hill receive the ECG machine from Cllr John Thompson

Cllr Thompson was also very impressed to see the centre’s new blood pressure self-screening machine too… no excuse not to go and get your blood pressure regularly checked now! All you do is pop into the health centre during opening hours, put your info onto a screen (like you do when you check in), stick your arm in the blood pressure machine and it sends your data straight to your medical records, flagging any abnormally high or low readings to the health practitioners.

You don’t even have to talk to anyone, let alone have an appointment!

Such a brilliant invention, particularly for those who don’t really like going to the doctors, and a big help to the health centre in trying to reduce the appointment overload.

Oxted Health Centre and the Oxted Patient Action Group have lots of plans and ideas for the future, so make sure you keep and eye on what they’re up to.