Over the weekend Limpsfield residents should have started receiving the LPC News, which is being delivered by both the fabulous Parish News road steward teams (with your Parish News magazine if you’re in the St Peter’s area) and also by our own Parish Council elves!

The newsletter should reach everyone in the Limpsfield Parish by the end of the week.

Our newsletter gives some highlights of what we’ve started to work on, plans and projects for the coming months… Please take a few minutes to read it and feel free to contact the clerk with any questions or feedback – clerk@limpsfield.org.

You can download the full newsletter here:

Our Parish Council monthly meeting is held every second Monday of the month – next is December 09. Agendas are published and posted the Wednesday before each meeting, both on the website and also on key noticeboards around the Parish (The Chart, Limpsfield Village, Tandridge Council offices).

Any issues you would like addressed in these meetings should be emailed to the clerk. Thank you.