If you’re a regular walker or rider around the Limpsfield / Titsey area you will probably have had to tiptoe around the edge of Pitchfont bridleway on numerous occasions, as in the winter months or after heavy rain, it turns into a mire at the end of the lane by Titsey Road.  

We are very happy to report that Pitchfont Lane has now been dramatically improved for walkers and riders, having had a bit of makeover thanks to some serious resurfacing work and several tonnes of tightly packed aggregate!

Tony Pearson of East Surrey Walkers has been on the case for a number of years to try to get this lane improved for all users, and Surrey CC and Highways England recently instructed contractors to carry out the works.

While the land is owned by Highways England, Limpsfield Parish Council has helped with some funding, as part of our project to work with local authorities and East Surrey Walkers to improve the footpaths in the Limpsfield Parish.  

The gate to Titsey Road has also been reinstated and secured (with room for walkers and horses around the side) in order to prevent flytipping, which has been a major issue up Pitchfont Lane and Sandy Lane opposite.

With many thanks to Tony Pearson, Surrey CC and Highways for getting the job done. We hope this lovely track leading from Sandy Lane up to the Titsey Estate will now be enjoyed much more by all ramblers and riders alike!