The SGN gas works continue to cause a lot of problems, particularly at the moment with the 3-way lights on Bluehouse Lane and Granville Road, Limpsfield. Try to avoid if possible. They are scheduled to go on through to March 30.

Bluehouse Lane and Granville are currently the affected roads but as these are completed they will work their way up the high street and presumably down Detillens Lane (to be confirmed) as this is pretty much the only road left that hasn’t yet been affected!

The work is due to SGN’s very extensive network improvements – a 30-year programme to replace old metal pipes with new plastic pipe, which will ensure continued safe and reliable gas supplies for many years to come. If you’ve seen the pipes coming out, you’ll have seen why this is necessary!

More info on the road works Map – link at the bottom of our website, or you can find more information and an informative video on the SGN website:

Sorry for the ongoing inconvenience. There’s really nothing we can do about it aside from try to avoid the affected roads where possible. It will be worth it in the long run…!