The last year has taken its toll on everyone in different ways, and many people have been struggling with all sorts of issues both at home and at work. South Tandridge Primary Care Network now offers a free Wellbeing Prescription Service to help people with their mental health.

Anyone can struggle with their mental health, especially during these difficult times. You might be feeling more on edge than usual? Perhaps feeling angry, helpless or sad? You may even find it’s a struggle to carry out simple day to day activities? 

If you are feeling like this, you are not alone. 

South Tandridge Primary Care Network, run through Oxted and Lingfield Medical Centres offers a free Wellbeing Prescription Service, with counselling and general assistance for those feeling the pressure. Please use it.

You can download a very helpful leaflet here with all the contacts you need.

Oxted Health Centre, 01883 734000, 

Lingfield Surgery, 01342 836327, 

Wellbeing Prescription, 01883 732787,