THE OXTED HEALTH CENTRE is a very large health centre, located in Limpsfield Parish (Gresham Road) that services Limpsfield, Oxted and the surrounding areas.  Having existed on the site at 10 Gresham Road for generations, many people in Oxted and Limpsfield have used this health centre their whole life.

All health centres have been through a lot of change over the last few years and Oxted Health Centre is currently undergoing its own changes to develop and grow with the demands of our ever-growing community.

There will be some more updates from them soon, but in the meantime, courtesy of the Oxted Health Centre team, here are some things you should know, that may help you navigate your own healthcare journey with them…

10 things you should know about the Oxted Health Centre

  1. Our new Call-Back system is now ON. So, there are several ways to book an appointment: In person by visiting reception, calling reception with the ability to request a call back if busy, or by making a request via the website (via the Appointments tab) where capacity allows.  
  2. We sent out thousands of text messages last year – approximately 123,000! Did you get one or read it?  Responding to a text is the easiest way to book appointments for regular screenings and tests such as blood pressure checks, cervical smears, annual chronic disease reviews; allowing patients to book into an appointment at a convenient time. So please don’t ignore a text if you get one! It’s also the easiest way to cancel an appointment if you can no longer make it.
  3. We have a team of Care Coordinators who can help patients and their families to work with multidisciplinary teams; especially in the case of frailty patients, those who have been bereaved or those with Learning Disabilities or Mental Health needs.
  4. We have Blood Pressure Monitoring in our waiting room with equipment purchased by the Oxted Patient Group – no appointment necessary.
  5. The Health Centre has 3 Advanced Urgent Care Practitioners who can manage some of the minor concerns for which patients might have seen a doctor, such as throat infections, urinary infections etc. Our front of house staff will advise if an Urgent Care Practitioner would be suitable instead of a doctor.
  6. The Health Centre is able to offer routine 24-hour ECGs and routine 24-hour blood pressure monitoring dependent on the medical needs of the patient, as well as wound dressings which helps patients avoid having to go to a hospital.
  7. We offer late evening clinics during the working week and some Saturday morning clinics. Typically, GP appointments are for routine medical needs; whereas nurse clinics are for nurse led services like cervical smears. Our clinical pharmacists can manage medication reviews and some chronic disease management. All these appointments can be pre booked via front of house team. 
  8. We continue to offer a 5-days-a-week service for blood tests (also known as phlebotomy services), despite the challenges of increase in demand outweighing the capacity. Since 1st April 2022, the practice has taken 6447 blood samples…and counting!
  9. The practice has successfully managed Covid and Flu clinics within the Health Centre over the past two years to ensure we offer our patients local access to vaccinations within the community.  We have administered nearly 5,000 flu vaccines this season and we have administered nearly 50,000 Covid vaccinations since they became available.
  10. In the last 6 months, according to the Friends & Family questionnaire run by NHS England, 95% of OHC patients reported a “good or very good” experience and only 1.8% reported “poor or very poor”.

Address: 10 Gresham Rd, Limpsfield, Oxted RH8 0BQ

Opening Hours:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8AM to 7PM; Tuesday and Thursday 8AM to 6.30PM.

Phone: 01883 734000