There has been a lot of chatter over the last week or so about the activity going on in the land by Wolf’s Row – a site that was previously home to the Plumbers Arms allotments, which were moved to their new site near the Community Orchard by Grub Street in 2007, or thereabouts.

This area is designated Green Belt and is privately owned by the Innes family (Titsey) and we are told by the Titsey Estate managers, Strutt & Parker, that it is not being cleared for any specific development.

Flo Wolfe, Senior Associate Director at Strutt & Parker: “[It] isn’t being cleared for specific development, [the work] is just removing the old allotment paraphernalia and clearing the grass and hedges, which are getting overgrown.”

It may look a little bare and decimated right now, but with spring growth, we’re sure it will green up and look much better.

There may even be some vestiges of the old allotments coming through, so we might even see some veggies, shrubs or flowers popping up!