Frustrated by slow or no broadband?

Internet speed and lack of cable internet in the Limpsfield area has been an issue for a number of years, due to lack of infrastructure and poor aerial reception due to the North Downs. However, local not-for-profit internet company, can now provide a SUPERFAST internet service to Limpsfield residents. 

Fast internet access is a necessity of modern life from banking, booking holidays or children’s homework, let alone working from home and catch-up TV or NetFlix. AirFast is a not-for-profit service set up by the local community (Crockham Hill Community Interest Company), for the local community.

They already have almost 400 users in the area stretching from Crockham Hill through Hever, Chiddingstone, Penshurst, Weald and have extended the service to Limpsfield and Titsey, Itchingwood, Staffhurst Wood and Dwelly Lane. 

AirFast: Crockham Hill Community Broadband

Covering East Surrey, West Kent, Chartwell, Chiddingstone,
Crockham Hill,Hever, Itchingwood Common 
Limpsfield, Lower Limpsfield Chart,
Pootings, Toys Hill, Trevereux Hill

AirFast is a wireless service completely independent of BT and your phone line. It requires a small receiver, generally mounted high on your house – e.g. a chimney.  The service is suitable for all normal Internet activity; email, web browsing, iPlayer and other streaming services, VOIP telephony, backups and system updates and service is provided by locally-based engineers.

A service with AirFast costs £30 per month, with a one-off install fee of £300. Up to 24 Mbps download and 6 Mbps upload, unlimited data (fair usage policy) subject to survey and line-of-sight to one of their transmitters at St Michaels, Limpsfield or Limpsfield Chart.

Find more information on or call 01732 446533.

Look out for upcoming information on the Rural Gigabit Voucher Scheme – in our newsletter and online…