Dear Residents,

Since the Parish Council’s annual public meeting in March the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group have up and running 4 Topic Groups with volunteer members from the community but more volunteers are still needed.

We are particularly keen to get involvement from residents with young families and from those that work locally, from home or commute by train or car. If you would like to be involved on a Topic Group please contact our Coordinator, Geoff Dessent, by either email or phone (contact details below).

The Topic Groups are now looking at local Limpsfield issues and our consultants will be working with us to formulate ideas about the Plan to be put in a questionnaire to be sent to all homes in the Parish. This should happen in November.

Later in September we shall be asking residents to tell us what they think is good, not so good and what is needed in the Parish. We shall be placing “Suggestions” wheelie bins and boxes at key locations around the Parish and please fill in one of the forms provided and give us your thoughts and ideas.

In summary:
Look out for “suggestions” wheelie bins or boxes
Fill in a Suggestion Form about what is good, not so good and is needed in the Parish
Consider joining a Neighbourhood Plan Topic Group.

The Steering Group looks forward to hearing from you!

With best wishes,
Cllr. Philip Bailey, Chair Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group