Members of the public are invited to attend an open public consultation event at Rickards Hall, Edenbridge on January 20th to view and discuss details of a proposed solar project on the Kent/Surrey border, near Edenbridge. Members of the community will have the opportunity to ask any questions about the proposed project.

Location: Rickards Hall, Edenbridge

Date: Thursday 20th of January

Time: You are welcome anytime between 3pm – 6:30pm

Those that are unable to attend this event can still read about our proposed development and provide feedback at the following website:

Project information:

The land at Gaywood Farm on Hilders Lane near Little Browns railway bridge on the Kent-Surrey boundary line is currently agricultural, but the intention is to locate a solar farm on this land as part of a wider project to provide renewable energy solutions across the UK. 

As part of the proposed development, Locogen, the company that intends to install and manage the solar farm, is currently also considering the inclusion of an electric vehicle charging point in the southeast corner of the site, which could provide a direct benefit to local residents as well as helping with the wider transition to lower carbon forms of transport. 

Beyond that, the project would connect to the overhead line which currently runs through the site and power would be taken and distributed through the national grid.

Alongside proposals by the landowner to plant additional areas of woodland in this area, Locogen is also considering creating wildflower meadows within the site to improve biodiversity and has reached out to the Westerham Beekeepers Association to gather their thoughts on this as well.

We have proposed a similar wildflower meadow for another proposed solar development near Ludlow in Shropshire that has received positive feedback from the local beekeeping association. 

Locogen, has a website with a quick survey should anyone wish to leave their thoughts.

There is no need to RSVP to the consultation event. Simply turn up at your convenience within the stated hours.