As you may know, Surrey Hills AONB (Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty) is undertaking a Boundary Review and looking at extending its boundaries to include areas of Limpsfield (amongst others) within the designated area. ⠀

Limpsfield is on the furthest Eastern edge of the current Surrey Hills AONB area and while some of Limpsfield is in the Surrey Hills AONB already – Limpsfield Chart Woods, Titsey and the south facing slopes of the North Downs from Park Road up to Woldingham, some areas, such as Limpsfield Common, Limpsfield Chart Common, Tenchleys/Trevereux, Pains Hill and Itchingwood are not.

Limpsfield Parish Council is working on a submission for parts of the parish which are currently AGLV to be re-designated as AONB.   These may include areas adjacent to the existing areas of Surrey Hills and with also views of that area – Trevereux Hill / Itchingwood, West Heath and Limpsfield Common.

You also have the chance to influence the boundary review by submitting your photos and comments. It would be lovely if residents could get behind this and share thoughts and wonderful images to give these areas the best chance of being considered and hopefully included. ⠀

You can do this via your phone or desktop direct to the review portal…⠀

Go onto the website and click on the Welcome menu tab to find out how to share your photos and thoughts about which parts of Limpsfield should be included in the designated area. The Limpsfield area is part of EA10 area for review.

Evidence that supports the presence of one or more of the natural beauty factors. As a minimum, you will need to provide:

  • Location – a point on the map
  • Photograph with descriptive text related to the Natural Beauty of the location

And you can also provide more information in for form of’:

  • Additional supporting comments, documents, photos, etc.
  • Evidence that may also detract from the natural beauty factors

It’s really easy, just follow the steps on the Website.

Evidence Gathering is live until 18th January.

Limpsfield Common, NT

The Surrey Hills: your place, your voice

The Surrey Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) is a nationally important landscape, something everyone living in the area should be justly proud of. It is an area that you may visit regularly, where you earn your living, or spend your leisure time.

There has been a desire locally over many years for a review to decide whether additional areas adjacent to the existing AONB boundary should also be designated.

A formal AONB boundary review is now underway by Natural England which will consider the case for extending the existing AONB and we are keen to have your involvement. We hope that you will participate and contribute to the decision making process.

Since AONBs are designated solely for their outstanding natural beauty, any decision about an extension to the Surrey Hills AONB boundary will be based on assessments of factors that relate directly to natural beauty – for instance, cultural and natural heritage, the condition of features in the landscape and the scenic qualities of the areas under review. As part of this process Natural England is not looking to de-designate areas of existing AONB.